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Mechanical Maintenance Training Course for Thai Staff
(Maintenance / Preventive Maintenance Course and other ⇒ all 7 courses​)

NS TECHNO‘s training course will explain significance and purpose of maintenance, and practical contents in Thai language while using illustrations and photographs. We are introducing cases using valuable data when our company maintains.

We will explain the basis of maintenance such as monitoring, management of lubricant, how to adjust, construction management etc. We introduce know-how of maintenance of rotating equipment and one point advice. It can be used widely to maintenance workers, engineers, managers. It can also take advantage for new employee training.

We introduce know-how of maintenance of rotating equipment and one point advice. It can be used widely to maintenance workers, engineers, managers. It can also take advantage for new employee training.

Training course

1. Maintenance basic
2. Preventive maintenance
3. Vibration measurement and utilization of data
4. Vibration analysis and estimation of vibration sources

5. trouble shooting

【Training of on-site】
6. Monitoring
7. Vibration measurement, vibration diagnosis

■All courses are half day.
 It can be combined freely at your request.
 If you can make a one-day course with two combinations, it can be offered at a reasonable price.

■The text and explanation are in Thai language.
 Implement the comprehension test before and after the lecture.
 We will also report the results in a graph.

■Training place
 1. Customer's factory
   All courses are available.
   No matter how many people are present,
   it is the same price setting.
   However, training on site is about 10 people at maximum.
 2. Training at NS TECHNO's office
   It will be the price setting per person.
​   It will be a lecture only course.


Maintenance basics, preventive maintenance training course Introduction

◆Mechanical Maintenance Basic◆

Testing understanding of maintenance before training
1 Testing understanding of maintenance before training
 Free discussion
1-1 Classification of maintenance
1-2 Breakdown Maintenance & Preventive maintenance
1-3 Which is better breakdown maintenance or preventive maintenance?
1-4 Relationship between maintenance and equipment life
2 What kind of breakdown are there?
 Free discussion
2-1 The cause is clarifiled by observing symptoms (phenomenon).
 Case: shaft breakage
3 3S seen from the perspective of maintenance
4 Fastening and lubrication management
4-1 Preventing of bolt loosening
 Monitoring and replacing lubricant methods, etc.
4-2 Case study
 Relationship between lubricating oil life and temperature.
 Example of measurement of iron powder concentration in grease.
 Vibration data before and after grease up (acceleration value)
break time
5 Maintenance quality management
5-1 Inspection and adjustment of drive unit
 Belt, Pully, Chain, Sprocket, Coupling
 Shaft alignment result sample
5-2 Unbalance
 Impact on equipment due to misalignment,
5-3 Inspection and installation of bearings
5-4 Oil seal, gland packing
5-5 Welding quality control
 Case study: Stainless steel crevice corrosion
6 Monitoring, check sheet
7 Summary
 Maintenance is the same as medical examination
8 Finally
Testing understanding of maintenance after training

■If you would like to know more about lecture content, we will explain samples of lecture materials.
 ⇒If you look at the lecture materials, we think that you know the goodness of our training courses.

■It is also possible to change lecture content according to customer's plant equipment.

■Please contact us for fees the training course.

■Customers who repeat the same course further withdraw 10% discount

■Thai staff who works at the factory can attend. The same maintenance or machine equipment manufacturing company as our company can not attend, we appreciate your understanding.


Test results before and after training (totalization)
* Number of training participants :189

Before : Ave. 6.6

After : Ave. 8.7



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