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Designing,Manufacturing,Installation,Maintenance&Training of Dust collectors,Furnaces,Incinerators,Rotary equipment,Transport equipment.

Industrial machinery and equipment

NS TECHNO can construction works, such as dust collectors, incinerators of various plants. And total support to the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of various industrial equipment.
NS TECHNO is to meet the customer needs in the know-how and high technology of many years of experience.
These are photos of construction cases.


Construction Example in Thailand

Biomass demonstration test equipment installation

New installation of
Dust Collector

(Rayong Nikhompattana)

Movable cyclone
vacuum cleaner


Far infrared heater conveyor & feeder


Heat Exchanger performance improvement
(Rayong Eastern Seaboard)

Exhibition test equipment

Mixing tank (with water cooling jacket)

gas cylinder stand (semi-automatic switching device)

Fabrication Silencer & Noise test
(Rodjana Ban khai, rayong)

Water Cooling pipe and Exhaust duct work of turbo mill system
(Rayong Eastern Seaboard)

Latest Update 13 Mar 2024
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