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Ultrasonic deburring and cleaning manufacturer Blue Star R&D with high performance and theory


June 19-21, 2024:
Booth at Manufacturing World Tokyo 2024

Manufacturing World Tokyo 2024
Date : June 19-21, 2024
Venue : Tokyo Big Sight

* We will demonstrate our latest ultrasonic deburring cleaning system!



(Photo : Manufacturing World Japan 2022)

February 2024:
Succeeded in developing a technology to reduce the molecular weight of ultra-high molecular weight hyaluronic acid HA4 to less than 1000

Hyaluronic acid is an essential component for storing moisture and keeping skin fresh. Human skin is composed of three layers from the outside: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue, of which hyaluronic acid is contained in the dermis layer and is responsible for moisture and elasticity. However, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases with age, causing skin dryness and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid has a large molecular weight (700,000-2,000,000 or more) and is not easily absorbed into the body. In order to hyaluronic acid to penetrate through the epidermis to the dermis layer, it is necessary to reduce the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid.

Blue Star R&D Co., Ltd. has succeeded in developing a technology to reduce the molecular weight of ultra-high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to less than 1000 using powerful ultrasound. No injection needles are used. Just by applying a lightly molecular weight HA4 hyaluronic acid on the face, it is possible to keep the skin moist and hydrated.
Bluestar R&D is seeking a partner for this technology.

October 2023:
Ultrasonic metal powder removal system for metal 3D laminated molding will go on sale

Ultrasonic metal powder removal system for metal 3D laminated molding in extremely complex internal fine sedimentary structures. Successful internal precision cleaning of a wide variety of metal 3D products.


「Ultrasonic metal powder removal system」page >

September 2023:
The latest metal mask cleaning machine will go on sale

The latest metal mask cleaning machine will go on sale in September 2023.

In 2020, we will start in-house production of ultrasonic transducer elements, greatly improving the quality of vibration elements. We have renewed the machine with a new structure for easier maintenance and adjustment. Running costs have also been greatly reduced.  ≪Patent pending≫


「Metal mask ultrasonic cleaning machine」page >

July 2022:
Metal 3D molding  Complete removal of internal fine powder by powerful ultrasonic

The development of metal 3D precision molding technology is remarkable, and it seems that it has been evolving more precisely, more complicatedly, smaller and smaller.

On the other hand, what is important is the fine metal powder left behind inside. If this is not removed, the product will not be completed.

Blue Star R & D's ultrasonic waves completely clean and remove the metal dust inside. The powerful ultrasonic waves that can remove even burrs are sufficiently transmitted to the inside when irradiated from the outside of the metal 3D molded product, and clean the metal fine powder remaining in the internal flow path.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.
You can check by our test.

July 2022:
​Introduction of ultrasonic barrel polishing technology that does not use abrasive compound

As the delivery record of ultrasonic barrel equipment (deburring, polishing, cleaning, simultaneous processing) increases, the number of inquiries and test requests to our company has been increasing rapidly.

The ultrasonic barrel does not use abrasive compound. A large amount of parts are put directly into a hexagonal basket and process to deburr, polish and clean them while irradiating them with ultrasonic waves for deburring.

Objects are various metals, plastics, ceramics, etc. It differs from traditional barrels in the following points.

1. Since it does not use media, many ultrasonic barrel operations are light work.
2. It can be achieved higher quality in a short time than existing barrel polishing.
  (Depending on the shape and material of the product)
3. Precision cleaning is possible.
4. Wastewater treatment is basically unnecessary.
5. Easy to dry.
6. Automate for deburring (polishing)→Drying.

As a result, labor costs, man-hours can be significantly reduced, quality can be improved, and major environmental improvement measures can be taken.

Blue Star R & D is accepting ultrasonic barrels test.
We have the world-only technology.

March 2021:
Deburring Cleaning System for CPU sockets, IC sockets and LSI sockets

CPU sockets, IC sockets and LSI sockets have been developing and miniaturized rapidly in recent years. It becomes more and more complicated and mass production is required. Their materials are high-performance plastics such as PEEK. Deburring for them are difficult with the conventional method.

With our equipment, it is possible to process deburring one to several thousand at once.
We recommend our Ultrasonic deburring and cleaning equipment for automation. Only water (pure water) is used. Easy to dry.

Please check the performance of ultrasonic deburring and cleaning by trying our deburring test with your deburring items. Experiments are accepted at any time.



Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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