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Features of ultrasonic deburring and cleaning equipment

Cleaning and deburring of ...

Computer parts

Precision mechanical parts

Automobile parts

Communication equipment parts

and others, removal of fine burrs of metal, plastic, ceramics etc. and precision cleaning


Outline of ultrasonic deburring cleaning

Generate strong ultrasonic waves in liquid (water or other detergent or solvent), and by using our proprietary technology and expertise, and create countless numbers of a spherical micro vacuum core group, diameter 6~8mmΦ(It is the real cavity generated by ultrasonic wave). At the generation and disappearance of this micro vacuum core group ( = Micro Galaxy = genuine cavity), positive and negative impact forces are generated. This "positive and negative" shock wave repeats generation and disappearance more than 20000 times per second.

One example of high-speed movement of gas is a gas explosion. However, those that move at high speed during the creation and disappearance of micro vacuum core group are far more dense liquids. The liquid moves at 200 to 300 m per second (positive explosion), next moves in the opposite direction, 250 to 350 m per second (negative explosion). This cycle is repeated more than 20000 times per second, and micro vacuum core group repeats generation and disappearance synchronously.

A micro vacuum core group (=cavities) that generated near the burrs, become an impact force to burrs that repeating positive and negative more than 20000 times per second (in another expression, repeatedly pushing and pulling ).

As a result, minute whisker burrs blow away in a moment. For burrs which are crushed and attached to the main body, since the impact force working in the direction of negative (tension) is stronger than positive, it is gradually drawn up then destroyed (be cut off) by the same repetitive stress, then removed. After that, it is a precision cleaning process.


Features of ultrasonic deburring

Ultrasonic deburring is a totally new technology that has features not found in traditional deburring.

1. Applicable to any material

Although there are differences in difficulty level, it can correspond to most basic materials such as metal, plastics, ceramics, and composite materials thereof.

2. Applicable to any shape

It is applicable even if the direction of burrs is multi directional, and intersection holes at inner surface, and the like.

3. Applicable to various quantity

From one to several tens of thousands of pieces can be processed at once or continuously.

4. No harmful substances are generated

It does not use dangerous substance and use water.

5. Can remove burrs while washing without making contamination

Precision cleaning is possible.

6. Special techniques and skills are unnecessary in the operation

Easy to make automation and maintenance.

7. Micro burrs (micron order size) can be removed faster and surely

This is the only way to deal with precision machining in the future.

8. Lesser consumables

Consumables are filters or something like that and running costs are low.

9. Low facility cost

This is the special technique that only we have, and the cost is a matter of sales strategy. However, in any case, it is much lower as a system compared with other competitive means which requires precision ultrasonic cleaning after deburring.

10. The drying process can be developed easily to line process.

There is little redeposition of contamination, and it is suitable for processing of precision parts processing machines.

11. Isolated deburring or washing room etc.are not needed

The above-mentioned advantage means that it can be installed in an environment such as a clean room, and not like other means, it does not require isolated deburring-cleaning room, and the management cost is reduced.


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Latest Update 16 Jul 2020
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