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Blue Star R&D Co., Ltd.
Ultrasonic deburring and cleaning manufacturer Blue Star R&D with high performance and theory



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 Reducing labor costs    Stabilizing quality   Strengthen international competitiveness 

As COVID-19 rages on, many companies are reviewing their processes to strengthen their international competitiveness in anticipation of the aftermath of COVID-19 being quelled. Deburring is one of the most labor-intensive and unstable processes in all manufacturing industries, including manufacture of various precision processing parts, manufacture of precision molded products, and manufacture of electronic parts. If you ignore the reduction in man-hours and automation of deburring, the business competition will be severe after COVID-19 sedation.
​To automate deburring, stabilize quality and strengthen your international competitiveness, Blue Star R&D has the solution for you. This system has already been installed by many major automobile manufacturers, and is now playing an active role in unmanned production lines for engine blocks at Company T.

 ►►We are glad to test your samples with our Japanese latest test machines. 

We guarantee the quality and mass production capacity that can meet the customer's request. ​Technical instruction after supplying to a customer is also satisfactory. We suggest to customer's effective tools safety and reasonable detergent. We recommend you to introduce our best ultrasonic technology.

 ►► We are a manufacturer of applied technology for ultrasonic cavities. 

For customers who use our oscillators or are considering introducing them, we will instruct you on the best way to use ab oscillator according to the width, depth, and depth of the tank, the type of liquid, temperature, and amount of dissolved oxygen.

 ►► Maintenance 

We will introduce you our agecy in Thailand. You can take the same level of Japanese after sales service.





  Sep 2023

IPF Japan 2023 (International Plastic Fair)

Date : November 28 - December 2, 2023
Venue : Makuhari Messe hall 1 to 8
* We will demonstrate our latest ultrasonic deburring cleaning system!


  Sep  2023

DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo 2023

Date : November 27-30, 2023
Venue : Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center(China)


  Sep 2023

The latest metal mask cleaning machine will go on sale

The latest metal mask cleaning machine will go on sale in September 2023.
​In 2020, we will start in-house production of ultrasonic transducer elements, greatly improving the quality of vibration elements. We have renewed the machine with a new structure for easier maintenance and adjustment. Running costs have also been greatly reduced. ≪Patent pending≫







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