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Continuous Vacuum Degassing System


Blue Impact Series

Ultrasonic cleaning is a battle with the air.
The air around a workpiece, the air contained in cleaning liquid. When the air dissolves too much, the coarse, dense waves of ultrasound create air bubbles that erase and block the ultrasound.  The bubbles produced by visible ultrasound are not cavities (vacuum nuclei), they are simply gas aeration. In this case, ultrasonic cleaning is not possible. This is a phenomenon that always occurs with hydrocarbon solvents.
Water has relatively little air content and cavities do occur, but the size of the cavity is small, so it can remove oil, but it is not suitable for precision cleaning.
Continuous Vacuum Degassing System Blue Impact is the only continuous vacuum degassing system in the world that can control the amount of air (measured by oxygen concentration) contained in cleaning liquid. Patented. 
By using Continuous Vacuum Degassing System Blue Impact, ultrasonic cleaning power is at least doubled to enable precision cleaning. 

Presented at International Conference of the Japan-U.S. International Conference on Ozone Layer Protection in Bangkok, Thailand,1992.
Presented at Washington International Conference with NASA and the Air Force (Shibano) in 1993.


The shape of cavities (microvacuum nuclei) generated by ultrasound is changed from nebula-like to spherical nebula-like.
The cavity diameter can be changed from the current φ0.5mm level to φ3-4mm.
The cleaning energy of cavity is more than 25 times greater. The ultrasonic cleaning power can be at least doubled.
However, in order to maintain strong ultrasonic waves, the shape of a tank and a circulation method of liquid must be correctly designed for ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise the strong ultrasonic waves will have negative effects, such as a decrease in the life of a diaphragm and a crack in the tank.

Blue Star R&D can teach Blue Impact customers how to improve their existing machines and how to use them correctly.

 Effect of Power Sweep

This system sweeps the basic frequency at a frequency of ±1KHz to widen cavity generation area and stabilize cleaning effect.

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