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IoT of Electric Screwdriver


Can construst a system with small investment, quickly, and easily.


 ⇒Details of HAMASHO × PATLITE × VESSEL IoT Electric Screwdriver​​


 Electric screwdriver VE series

Broad portfolio corresponds to a wide range of needs.

The ergonomic design that reduces the burden on the worker during consecutive assembly and/or fastening work.
Easy installation and wiring. Accurate torque adjustment. Maintenance-free concept.
The VE series is an electric screwdriver for professional use that powerfully supports the production lines.



Accurate and secure torque adjustment

As the torque adjustment pitch is fine, precise adjustments are possible. A tamper-proof sleeve is enclosed as a standard accessory which can avoid the inappropriate torque setting.

Tamper-proof sleeve is enclosed as an accessory


Anti-static model compatible for use with EPA

Conductive resin is used for the body, switch lever, and sleeve, so screws can be tightened safely even in areas where static electricity is a concern.


Environmental measures

This symbol indicates the products that conform to VESSEL's environment measure standards compliant with the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (six substances listed above) (RoHS directive).

Easy-to-use, anti-fatigue ergonomic design

The screwdriver handle's ergonomic design has a shape that fingers naturally fit at the lever position when the handle is gripped, a soft gel pads that absorb vibration, and a non-slip surface finish, etc.

Lever method for vertical driving

Push method for horizontal driving

GEL pad on the grip assures a firm hold and absorbs vibration for comfortable operation.


Long-life, low-fault design Maintenance free

VESSEL electric screwdrivers incorporates a long life brushless motor; no need for replacement for 3 years in normal operating conditions.Brushless motors are not with a carbon brush which requires a regular replacement. In addition, a durable magnet switch is adopted.


A brushed motor requires replacement of brushes at regular intervals because the brushes wear out. A brushless motor is free from maintenance since the motor rotation is controlled by an inverter to suppress the abrasion. Also a brushless motor features low annoying sounds and low electrical noises.

Rigid gear clutch

Preventing faults caused by disconnection or pulling at cable connector section

Magnetic switch (non-contact type) reduces part wear and damage






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