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Hamasho Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
Authorized distributor of YAMAHA Robot & Universal Robots. Professional of Automation solution.

Showa Denki Co., Ltd.

Wind Racer WR-100/WR-200

Dealing with hot air and cold air in a factory


To create comfortable environment! It is suitable for hot and cold air.

Improving air-conditioning and heating efficiency

By installing a Windracer in front of an air conditioner’s air outlet, you can distribute cool or warm air in a stable, efficient manner.

Inducing movement of hot air and steam

By installing number of Windracers in series, you can efficiently transport hot air or steam from inside a plant to an exhaust fan.

Supplying air locally

Air can be supplied locally to workers in hot, humid environments. (Spot airflow can be used to counteract the effects of heat.)




Improving air-conditioning and heating efficiency


Inducing movement of hot air and steam


Supplying air locally

Electric Blowers Compact series (E type)

Compact type for various things


Easy to install on industrial machinery and equipment and easy to use, E series is an electric blower developed for various purposes. This high quality product is designed to be capable of continuous stable operation up to 60°C and prevents water vapor and small dust particles from invading the bearing.
Caution:If the intake temperature is above 60°C, please use the heat-resistant. type model (HT model)



Printing machines / Laundry machinery / Driers / Burners / Hot blast generating machines / Incinerators /
Plastic pressing machines / Heating cabinets / Confectionery machines / Kitchen equipment /
Cooling equipment / Dust collectors / Wood working machines / General ventilation

Mistresa Multi select series (CRM type(HORIZONTAL Type))

Possible to select freely using the filter use

Purposes & Feature


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Electric Blowers


Explosion proof series (MDF type)

Type which can use inverter operation


Stainless-steel construction series(G type)

Types resistant to corrosion and abrasion


Low noise series (AH type)

Low noise and high airflow volume

Enviromental Equipment


Dust collector

Vital machine for maintaining clean and safe working environment by collecting various types of dust.


Fume Collector “Fumeresa”

Collects the fumes and odors generated by laser markers, etc.

ウィンドバック (WB-02J/WB-02T)

Wind Bag

Portable fan appropriate for various applications (cooling, dry, circulation)

Fans & Blowers


Turbo Fan

Low-pressure/ Mid-pressure turbo fan High efficiency and multi-purpose


Turbo Blower

High-pressure turbo-fan Inlet prerotation control bypass structure (patents obtained in four countries) realizes low noise and high efficiency.


Air Foil Fan

High efficiency and low noise.


Top Runner Class Motor

0.75kW~3.7kW Top Runner class motors (IE3) conforming to various custom orders.



Continually monitors 4 conditions (vibration value trends, bearing temperature trends, V-belt breakage monitoring, grease supply timing) to prevent malfunctions of blowers, etc.


Health Rehabilitation Equipment


- Terasu Walker

- Terasu Erugo

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