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Sale, Lease and Service of TOYOTA Forklift Truck

Used Forklift

Most of used forklifts in Thailand were heavily used for a long time. So customers who look for the used forklift may worry about the forklift conditions and the upcoming maintenance cost. All those problems and concerns will be shifted if you choose high quality used forklift from Toyota because…

Every used forklift unit from Toyota is from our own Rental Department that has been passed regular monthly maintenance with all genuine parts.
Save cost 30 - 50% against new forklift purchase and can get higher price for re-sale.
Prompt delivery, no need to wait for long time.
Can be used as a spare foklift.


What is difference between refurbished forklift and as is condition forklift ?

Refurbished forklift :

The quality and efficiency is similar to new forklift since it has been reconditioned both exterior and interior parts as well as parts replacement and repainting almost the same as new forklift 99%.

"As is" condition forklift :

The used forklifts that have been passed normal monthly maintenance service by our professional mechanics with sound conditions similar to new forklift 70 -80%.

Warranty conditions : 

Price excluded VAT
Price excluded domestic transportation charges
Frieght charges for export subject to prior agreement
   & conditions committed
Full amount of down payment in advance
   (negotiable subject to purchasing volume)
No wrranty for used "As is" condition forklift
3 months or 300 hours warranty, whichever comes first
   (for refurbished forklift only)
● No booking in advance

Please contact : 

1. Mr.Anucha
Tel: 038-454-428 #212

2. Ms.Sutathip
Mobile: 083-418-8983


Latest Update 06 Oct 2020
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