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As a professional in chemicals and electronic materials

  ■ More than 30 years in Thailand! We safely and appropriately import chemical products from Japan.  
● Import and export procedures, transportation, and management of general goods to dangerous goods, refrigerated goods and frozen goods
Obtain and confirm the list of ingredients and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) as specified by METI*
*METI: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  ■ Domestic Inventory in Thailand  
● We have our own warehouse for proper inventory management of various chemical products and delivery system with our own trucks.
● We use our own inventory management system to keep track of the appropriate amount of available inventory to shorten delivery times.

In 2023, we will propose the optimal materials and equipment
​for Realizing Carbon Neutrality toward the achievement of SDGs.
We will respond to consultation from the material selection stage. Please feel free to contact us.

Electrical and Electronic Materials



Industrial Adhesives


Processing Services

Parylene Coating(diX®)

Heat Dissipation Sheet Punching


Resin-related Products/Services and Chemical Products

Hot Runner System (Sales and Maintenance)

Various Component Materials, PCB, Cleaning Agents and Lubricants


Medical Hygiene Materials and Anti-Corona Measures

Medical Healthcare Products
(Anti-Corona Products)

Catechin-based Antibacterial Technology "CateProtect”


Latest Update 26 May 2023
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