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Curved Surface and Specular Inspection Device HS-IR 100
​~Speedier and more accurate~

Visual Inspections that are superior to the naked eye.

An articulated device capable of positioning the camera head perfectly to inspect curved surfaces, optics capable of resolving even the most minute scratches on a polished surface, and image processing software that finds every defect.

Suitable for finding all kinds of surface defects, including scratches, pinholes, bruises, burrs, and dimples. Suitable for parts of all sizes and shapes, from cellphone cases to car doors.

► Inspection Range


► Performance

Type of defect Performance Type of defect Performance
Scratch As small as 0.1mm Sagging As small as 0.1mm
Burr As small as Φ0.5mm~ Soiling As small as Φ0.5mm~
Dimple As small as Φ1.0mm~ Wrinkle As small as 0.1mm
Bruise As small as Φ0.5mm~ - -

※for a 0.3-megapixel camera in a 30×40 mm range field of view

► Typical Defects

Typical scratch 1

Scratch on paint

Painted surface

Camera image

Defect detection image

Typical scratch 2

Scrach on glass

Glass surface

Camera image

Defect detection image

► How it works

► Movie

► Subjects for inspection

・Electric appliances, automotive parts, and oter parts with a plated or painted finish suface

・Cellphone cases and othe plastic parts


Latest Update 24 Jan 2023
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