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Specialist Company about cold forging stamping & precision progressing stamping & Heat treatment by hydrogen gas furnace

Precision progressing stamping・Cold forging transfer stamping

3sets of 40t high speed dying press machine

1set of 80t general press machine

2 sets of 100t servo control special transfer press machine

1 set of 100t high-speed precision press

1 set of 110t transfer press

1 set of hidro carbon washing machine

for Factory Automation


Heat Treatment

Continuous furnace is shorter treatment time than Batch Furnace; Also Temperature of furnace is controllable to be reached by 1,200 ℃ for adaptation of various materials and conditions.

Specification of continuous hydrogen gas furnace:

GAS Hydrogen gas H2 ;Nitrogen gas N2
Temperature range 500~1,200℃
Length of heat treatment 1,520mm
Conveyor speed Controllable range; 45~450mm/min
Size of Boat 200*100*30mm



Operation started in January 2022

Latest Update 08 Jul 2024