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Fuji Blastech Thailand Co., Ltd.
Entrust us designs and manufactures for sandblast machine!

Vacuum Blaster 〈FDO series〉

Sand-blasting without a Blasting Room


It recovers abrasive by suction  power of a blower, and classifies dust using cyclone technology.


It uses the same blasting method as FDO-F1-F.
The ejector system is used for the recovery mechanism.


Improved dust collection ability
provides better processing ability and longer collective
distance. Increased capacity of the pressure tank provides
longer blasting time.


It can provide  blasting time four times longer than


●It can provide blast processing to the object as is exposed. The machine does not scatter dust or abrasive.

●It provides high grinding and cleaning ability that cannot be achieved by a sander or a wire brush.

●Utilizing its four wheels, this machine can be transferred to any necessary place, even to outdoors.

●It’s economical because all abrasive is recovered, circulated and reused.

Examples of machining​

Blast processing using a vacuum gun

Purpose : Improving the surface of a roll​

Purpose : Removing graffiti from a wall​

FDO series Specifications 


Latest Update 17 Mar 2023
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