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The Incredible SIRIUS Processing

-Removing unnecessary burrs without damaging the surface!-


[Manual] SGDSR-4

[Manual] SFCSR-3

A new generation of surface finishing

It’s a new processing technology which can process the workpiece without damaging it, using our unique “Sirius media”.
​It’s mainly used for finishing of molds or tools.


● The machine can be automated according to the workpiece or the aim of processing. A robot can be mounted.

● There is a lot of flexibility in processing owing to the system using nozzles.The dimension and the weight of a workpiece is
     not limited. The number of nozzles can be increased.

● The media can be used continuously. The way of automated supply of media is simply adding new media.

● The consumption amount of media is only 30 grams per hour in standard processing conditions. It drastically reduces the               running cost.

● There is no need for recycling the media nor regulating the moisture retention.

● Our own digitally-controlled blasting system realizes stable processing.

● The machine uses the clean dry system that produces little dust. In addition, the dust is caught by a dust collector.                                                                                      

The Sirius processing technology is suitable for
the finishing of molds or tools.

Droplet removal of TiAIN coating carbide drill (Φ10mm)

Image SEM

Lamination step of the 3D printer shaped product Removal and visalization

Mold polishing

“ Polishing ” is the final process of making a mold. Sirius processing can reduce cost by cutting the polishing time down, while improving quality by avoiding unevenness of finish. Sirius solves problems of manual polishing.

Sirius user’s comments

From a user who has been manually polished cold forging molds

" Sirius reduces the operation time drastically compared to manual polishing. "
 We used to polish manually a space 300mm square for over 4 hours. Now we can polish it in 1~1.5 hours with Sirius.
 The processing time is reduced to one-third.

From a user who has been manually polished rubber molds by a rubstone

" Sirius doesn’t damage molds. It never polishes too much. "
 We had been apt to damage concavity part of the mold by a rubstone. In that case, we had to polish again. Sirius never      polishes too much, so we don’t have to fix it. The processing time is reduced to one-half.

From a user who has been manually polished press molds

" There is neither personal finishing difference nor partial unevenness. "
 The non-uniformity caused by the proficiency difference was a problem. Using Sirius, anybody can produce stable products.  Even if an operator processed workpiece, there was a tendency to make an unevenness of finishing. Sirius helps us to      considerably diminish “over-polish” or “unfinished polishing”.

From a user who has been polished forming racks by other method

"Sirius can polish a groove where is difficult to reach,or a bended surface where is difficult to put a tool on."
 It’s easy to polish a narrow groove or an object that has complicated shapes.

From a user who has been finished plastic molds by blasting

" The quality can be improved by using Sirius after blasting. "
 We use Sirius after blasting. The molded piece comes off of the mold easily because of “improved surface finishing“,  “easiness of adjusting the clearance“, “improved die releasing by polishing parts of molds“, and so on.

To remove microscopic burrs of tools
-Life-extension of a tool-

Removing microscopic burrs at the peripheral part of the tool is good to avoid making a chip. Also Sirius can improve the quality of coating by adjusting surface for preparation, or removing droplets after coating.

Sirius user’s comments

From a user who considered a way to remove burrs of stainless-steel products.

" I never thought that could be done in an incredibly short time. "
 It takes 6 hours to polish it using a microscope and an abrasive paper, while Sirius can process it in just 10 minutes.

From a user who improved the quality of the hollow punch by removing burrs.

" We realized a cost saving because the lifetime of tool was increased. "
 The lifetime of tool increased dramatically by removing burrs. ( 1.5 to 10 times longer )

From a user who has been manually removed burrs of the ultra-hard tool.

" No need for a special technique. Anyone can do it. "
 There is little difference between operators. Anyone can process it.


Latest Update 17 Mar 2023
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