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Fuji Blastech Thailand Co., Ltd.
Entrust us designs and manufactures for sandblast machine!

Direct Pressure Type General-purpose Manual Machines


─ Open an infinite of possibilities for air blast
                                       Maximize the effect of high energy ─





Speed up the process more than twice:It blasts at a speed about twice of suction type.Work volume is 2-10 times.

High power:This machine makes it possible to process workpiece which could not be processed by suction type machines.High-powered deburring.

Cost-cutting:The processing time is less than half. It reduces air consumption.

Large-size workpiece:It keeps high performance when the distance between gun and workpiece is increased.

Into the depth:There are various types of nozzles, and the blasting angle can be set freely.Good to process complex shapes.                                

Intended Purposes

Shot peening / WPC processing

These processes improve the endurance and the slide
ability of parts of gears / engines / molds. They are good
for weight saving, reducing noise, and peen forming.


The machine cleans rapidly the vacuum-evaporated
fixture, the molds of die-cast / metallic casting / hammering / rubber.


This process improves adhesion strength for glueing,
coating or painting.


Process into the depth

The machine is good for cleaning of reedings, intersections, curved holes, inside of containers with a narrow inlet such as gas cylinder.



 Recovery of rare metal / polishing molds for electrical discharge machining, wire cut discharge machining, or end mill machining / nitriding or abrasion of plating for molds / stone carving / engraving                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Specifications of Standard FD type Machines



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