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An authorized distributor of YASKAWA Electric Group and Showa Denki

Yaskawa Electric

Directly support to local customers that entered to Southeast Asia ,
and also mainly represent products of YASKAWA Electric Group which is


① Motion controllers and servo motors that achieve high-speed and high-accuracy.
② Energy saving inverters and energy saving motors.
③ Industrial robot that contribute significantly to the promotion of automation.
④ A lot of industrial uses motor , Reduction gear ,Peripheral device.





Servo Motor

With greatest stability and best response in its class, YASKAWA's new servo drives enable high-frequency and high-precision positioning. User-friendly servo drives drastically reduce time needed for setup, servo adjustment, and trouble shooting.

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Motion Controller

As an opinion leader, we reflect needs and technologies absorbed and cultivated through the innovation process to make a constant contribution to the technological advancement Based on our motion business concept of "i3-Mechatronics" with three "i" keywords, "Integrated", "Intelligent" and "Innovated", we are committed to developing innovative mechatronics products that lead the industry and enable us to offer total solutions to our customer

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Inverter, energy saving motor

This model is a general-purpose inverter, which is the first in its class to come standard with open loop vector control and meets a wide range of needs with its powerful performance and flexibility. New technology and new functions are available for a rich array of solutions.

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A wide range of industrial robots has been released since, especially in our core field of welding robots, but also for handling, assembly, painting and clean room applications. Today, they are hard at work around the world.

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