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Integrated Machine Controller

The MP3200 goes far beyond improving the performance of the CPU Unit to integrate the motion, vision, and robot systems that are essential to machine control.This reduces the work required for programming, setup, adjustment, maintenance, and all other process development steps. The final result : improved productivity.

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Machine Controllers




Build the Ideal System for a Wide Range of Equipment Needs

The MP3200 integrates the motion, vision, and robot systems that are indespensable to machine control to achieve ideal control of machine systems. And integrated management of information allows you to monitor the entire system to improve maintainability and traceability.

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The MP2100 is a computer-based Machine Controller that integrates information processing with motion control.

The motion network for servo drives has been speed up. This allows the user to easily adjust gain and switch speed control, torque control, and position control.

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The flag ship in the MP2000 Series machine controllers with a high speed motion control cycle of only 0.5 ms.

Greatly expandable to 35 slots for option modules.

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The MP2300 is a compact and all-in-one machine controller.

The MP2300 is an All-in-One Machine Controller that provides many functions that can be used flexibly by the customer to develop the ideal system for the machine.

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Even easier to use!

The MP2310 Machine Controller has the same functions as the popular all-in-one MP2300s, and is designed to make networking and programming . The MP2310 enables you to easily apply the optimum motion control for: multiple axes for a stand-alone machine or in small / middle- scale systems.

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A further downsized version of MP2300

The MP2300 is a compact all-in-one machine controller, which comes equipped with a basic module with a MECHATROLINK port and a Ethernet (100 Base-TX) port, and one option slot.

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Compact & Easy to Program

With MECHATROKINL-Ⅱ and Ethernet (100 Mbps) ports, the MP2400 machine controller unit is compact and easy to program.

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Increases System Intelligence

The panel-type MP2500 and MP2500M machine controllers combine high-speed sequencing control with high-capacity programming, motion control with high-precision synchronous control of multiple axes, easy-to-operate engineering tools, and a screen-creation tool in one panel computer.

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Machine Vision Systems





With a new line of MYVIS products, more versatile applications are now possible.

High-speed, High-precision Image Processing Enhanced Hardware Processing

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