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AC Drives



Compact Vector Control Drive Inverter

The V1000 is a general-purpose inverter which is the first in its class to come standard with open loop vector control and meets a wide range of needs with its powerful performance and flexibility. New technology and new functions are available for a rich array of solutions.

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YASKAWA AC Drive A1000

(CIMR-AA□ A□□□

The Birth of Yaskawa's Ace Drive Offering limitless possibilities...

A top quality drive: silent, beautiful, and incredibly powerful. Perfectly designed functions open a new field with A1000. Integrating the latest vector control technology in a general-purpose drive with the performance of a higher order demanded by the drives industry.

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YASKAWA  AC Drive V1000


So advanced! So easy! Smallest in the world!

Yaskawa has built a reputation for high performance, functionality, quality, and reliability. To make it even easier to optimize your applications, we present the new V1000.

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Varispeed AC



Blue Sky & Green Technology

The Varispeed AC incorporates innovative technology as the world's first matrix converter to directly convert input AC voltage to output AC voltage. The Varispeed AC not only improves energy efficiency, but also overcomes many problems typically associated with conventional general-purpose inverters.

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Varispeed G7​



Advanced Functions & Environmentally Friendly!
Genuine Vector Control Inverter

The varispeed G7 Inverters seek high performance and ease of use for applications environments anywhere in the world. The meet high technical demands for performance and functionality. The 400V  Class is the first in the world to use a 3-level control method in a general-purpose Inverter.This new control technique solves the problem of microsurges, and makes it possible to use the Varispeed G7 on Existings motors with confidence.

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