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SUNOCO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Lubricant and Grease for automobile and industry

Industrial Oil


Gear Oil

Industrial Gear Oil Class 2 (Extreme Pressure)

Model : SUNOCO SUNEP 1150 (200L) / SUNOCO SUNEP 1220 (200L)
        SUNOCO SUNEP 1320 (200L) / SUNOCO SUNEP 1460 (200L)

The gear oil that is specifically designed for industrial machineries. With higher pressure-resistant capacity, the product is ideal for high-pressure manufacturings. Containing mild EP type additive, it is excellent at water separation, prevention of hydro-contamination and oxidised depreciation.


Hydraulic Oil

Drop off Hydraulic Oil

Model : SUNOCO SLIDEWAY 32 (18L) (200L)
        SUNOCO SLIDEWAY 46 (18L)(200L)
        SUNOCO SLIDEWAY 68 (18L)(200L)

Premium slideway lubricants manufactured from refined base oil of exceptional quality. With excellent water separation property, the product also contains special additives that are efficient for the prevention of stick-slipping and friction control even in heavy-duty machineries.
*plastic container available in Thailand only

Abrasion Sliding Surface Hydraulic Oil

Model : SUNOCO LUBEWAY 32 (18L)(200L)
        SUNOCO LUBEWAY 68 (18L)(200L)

Abrasion-resistant hydraulic oil for sliding surface, manufactured from Naphthenic Base Oil which prevents stick-slipping and ensures smoothness in machinery operation and convenient machine starting-up at sub-zero temperature.
*plastic container available in Thailand only

Abrasion Resistant Hydraulic Oil

Model : SUNOCO SUNVIS 868 (18L) (200L) / SUNOCO SUNVIS 846 (18L) (200L)
        SUNOCO SUNVIS 832 (18L) (200L) / SUNOCO SUNVIS 8100 (18L) (200L)

Multi-purpose hydraulic oil that provides efficient prevention of oxidisation and also with anti-rust and anti-foaming properties. The product can be used with non-sliding parts such as hydraulic ball bearings, gears or compressors.
*plastic container available in Thailand only

Anti-Leak Hydraulic Oil

Model : SUNTAC WR 68 (20L)(200L)
        SUNTAC WR 32 (20L)(200L)
        SUNTAC WR 46 (20L)(200L)

Premium hydraulic oil with wear-resistance and leak-prevention properties. Base Oil in SUNTAC prevents the rubber seal from hardening and with SUNTAC’s special additives, the product can effectively prevent leakage in the pipe joints and connecting areas.


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