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SUNOCO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Lubricant and Grease for automobile and industry

Refrigeration Oil


Refrigeration Oil

Refrigeration Oil for Car air Conditioners

Model : SUNICE PB100

Refrigeration oil for car air conditioner using R-134a refrigerant and polyalkylene glycol(PAG) as base oil in its manufacturing process.

Refrigeration Oil for HFC Coolants

Model : SUNICE SL-32S (1Lx10) (4Lx6) (20L) (200L)
        SUNICE SL-46S (1Lx10) (4Lx6) (20L) (200L)

        SUNICE SL-68S (1Lx10) (4Lx6) (20L) (200L)
        SUNICE SL-100S (1Lx10) (4Lx6) (20L) (200L)
        SUNICE SL-170S (1Lx10) (4Lx6) (20L) (200L)
        SUNICE SL-220S (1Lx10) (4Lx6) (20L) (200L)

POE based refrigeration oil with excellent chemical stability to be used with HFC coolants, compatible with all ranges of temperature and offers high fluidity in low temperature.

New packaging for SUNISO refrigeration oil launch in Thailand

From January 2020, SUNICO and SUNOCO Thailand will launch refrigeration oil products in the new durable and clever tin can packaging, which will replace the traditional plastic gallons to ensure top product quality for our endearing customers.The newly launched refrigeration oil products will be imported from Japan, which utilizes Air dry method for special blending process.

To ensure best quality for our customers, products sold in Thailand, ASEAN countries and Indian will now be packaged in tin cans. Recently before this, the popular product of SUNICE, POE base refrigeration oil, already launched in the new tin can packaging and was very well received in many countries. Genuine “SUNISO” and “SUNICE” products are available from authorized official distributors such as Japan Sun Oil and SUNOCO THAILAND.

Refrigeration Oil for Ammonia Coolants

Model : SUNISO 4SA (20L) (200L)
Naphthenic refrigeration oil specifically selected to be used with R717 ammonia refrigeration systems.

Model : SUNISO 4HT (20L) (200L)
Premium paraffinic refrigeration oil for R717 refrigeration systems which are specifically used in food producing industries.

Refrigeration Oil for HCFC Coolants

Model : SUNISO 1 GS (20L)
        SUNISO 3 GS (4Lx6) (20L) (200L)
        SUNISO 4 GS (4Lx6) (20L) (200L)
        SUNISO 5 GS (4Lx6) (20L) (200L)

Refrigeration oil for cooling devices and air conditioners using HCFC/HC refrigerants and ammonia coolants. The product is part of GSD series which underwent hydro-refining process utilising Naphthenic crude oil, making it anti-foam and heat and chemical stable.


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