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SUNOCO (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Lubricant and Grease for automobile and industry

Metal Working Oil


Grinding Oil

Non-Chlorine Based water Insoluble Grinding Oil

Model : SUNGRIND 600F (20L) (200L) / SUNGRIND 600FXX-M (20L) (200L)
        SUNGRIND 600FXX (20L) (200L) / SUNGRIND 600FX (20L) (200L)

        SUNGRIND 70 (20L) (200L)

Water-insoluble oil for heavy-duty tasks. With phosphorous lubricants, the product is high-pressure resistant, helps prevent corrosion and hence extends the life of your machines. With low odor, especially in 703K model, the product is ideal for carbide tools grinding and also other grinding works.


Cutting Oil

Non-Chlorine Based Cutting Oil

Model : SUNOCO SUNICUT 412 (200L) / SUNOCO SUNICUT 432T (200L)

Environmentally-friendly and chlorine-free, this product contains highly-refined base oil with active sulphur and phosphorous additives, making machinery maintenance an easy task. With low viscosity, the oil is capable of easily accessing complex parts.


Latest Update 22 Jun 2022
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