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KISCO (T) [Thai Official Rep. of SEIKI CO.,LTD.]
Valve Gate System & Spear System for Plastic Runnerless era
System Product Type Descriptions Material Properties
(Compatible with all thermoplastics)
Molded Product Size
(Applicable gate diameter: φ0.5toφ8.0)
Color Changes Tip Heater Heating System
General Purpose Resin General Purpose Engineering Resin Super Engineering Plastics Reinforcement Material Contains Small Medium Large
Valves System SVP(F) •High Performance
Both External
SVPL •Direct center gate Both External
SV32F •High Performance
No External
SV25F •High Performance
•Narrow pitch
No External
SVY •Advantageous for optics × Both External
CVN •Low price
•For general purpose resin
× × No External
SMV •For ultra-thin mold
•Fixed side mold thickness 120mm
•Available in super engineering plastics
× Yes External
SVPR •Slim size valve nozzle of 9mm in tip-portion diameter
•Gate diameter φ0.8mm to φ1.2mm
× × × × × No External
Spear System G •Good color changes
•High Performance
Yes External
D •High Performance
Yes Internal
B •All-purpose Yes Internal
SPT •Minimum gate pitch 9mm
•Available in super engineering plastics
•Multiple cavity molding
× Yes External/
M •Available in super engineering plastics
•Some tips on one block body
× Yes External/
ESXL •Side gate nozzle for general purpose resin × No External/
ESN •For general purpose resin
•Tip replacement between several types is available to suit to the resin.
•First-in first-out system
× × No External/
SI •Multiple cavity molding for general purpose resins
•Some tips on one block body
× × × Yes External/


◎〇 Recommended
△  Requires Review
×  Not Recommended

Please contact us for resin materials other than the above. If you would like to confirm the moldability of the material, we can make a trial production at our technical center in Japan. For more information, please feel free to contact Wada.

Latest Update 03 Sep 2021
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