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Tsukatani (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and Sale of Steel cutting rule

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Tsukatani(Thailand)Co.,Ltd. has a special rule and punch also.

Mirror-like finishing TUBE PUNCH

NC Punches

Non-adhesive coated rule


Irregular Side Double Bevel

Combination Rule with Round Creasing

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Mirror-like finishing TUBE PUNCH『G-SHOT』

Improve the precision highly by special process!

Progress the cutting power and section remarkably!

8.0φ Bevel section

Tube Punch G-SHOT
Surface roughness(µm) Facet bevelA Facet bevelB
Ra 0.238 1.798
Ry 1.730 10.210
Rz 0.891 6.833
Surface roughness(µm) Facet bevelA Facet bevelB
Ra 0.125 0.100
Ry 0.740 0.640
Rz 0.568 0.582



NC Punches

Solution to cut difficult form by steel cutting rules, joints and dusts!

Recoil type Side Type Cannon type Joint type
Recoil type Side/Cannon/Joint type
Hardness HRC52~53/58~59 Hardness HRC52~53/58~59
Height 3.0mm Height 2.0~4.5mm
Thickness 0.7mm Thickness 0.7~1.8mm
Edge angle 30° / 40° Edge angle 30° / 40° / 50°
Base through hole φ0.8 or more Base process Slit process available
Tapped hole M3 or more Min. line gap 1.0mm
Min. line gap 1.4mm Min. radius Side/Cannon:0.5R
Min. radius 0.1R Joint:0.1R



Non-adhesive coated rule

Solution of paste and bonding agent stuck to edge problem during cutting double sided tape

Feature of coated rule

♦ Paste sticking to rule and products is reduced and cleaning times of cutting die can be reduced.

Points to notice when choosing coated rule

♦ Product cutting finish / Non-adhesive characteristic / Grasp of shots qty control

♦ Grasp of cleaning method



Process the whole uniformly and evenly to be accurate condition

By coating surface with hardness Hv900 - 1,000, abrasion proof up !

"Abrasion of rule edge" by metallic pigment

Chipped by metal(Ti), partial cutting unevenness occurs.

Feature of H-Cr coated rule

♦ When processing printed products, there are cases that rule edge is partially chipped and cutting unevenness occurs. Such a phenomenon can be seen at white color printing parts. It is caused by the pigment (mainly Titanium dioxide) to emphasize white color. H-Cr coating makes whole of a steel cutting rule coated with Hv900 - 1,000 hardness, which prevents damage by Titanium dioxide and makes it possible to cut the whole uniformly and evenly to be accurate condition.

♦ Useful for durability required cutting process.

♦ Suitable for mold goods' process like resin tray



Irregular Side Double Bevel

Less lean of cutting edge at bent R than center bevel rule and easy levelling.

Whitening, crinkled of narrow part and crimp can be reduced even for thin materials.

Feature of ISDB

♦ In case of cutting thick materials, cutting edge is tend to lean outwards and it often cuts bigger than dimension and tends to be tapered at cross section. But by this rule, it makes inner side of products acute angle and outer side obtuse angle, which makes leaning back the cutting edge inward. So straight and clean cross section is possible and dimensionl change is not frequent and precise cutting is possible.



Combination Rule with Round Creasing

New combination rule that prevents printed surface from crack


♦ Creasing of general combination cutting /creasing is flat. So printed side is often damaged by edge, which brings crack while making a box. On the other hand, creasing of combination rule with round creasing is formed R shape which prevents damage on printed side and die/cutting process can be done keeping the printed side fine.

♦ Requirement of counter plate and face cut tape is the same as general combination cutting/creasing.


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