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Tsukatani (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and Sale of Steel cutting rule

We are pioneers of Cutting Rules

Tsukatani Thailand was established in 2013 with Japanese specialized processing technology and knowledge. We mainly manufacture shaved blades that are used around the world and also work with ground blades, applying the most advanced technology of Japan taking care of a wide range of customers. We provide the best suited blade to meet customers' requirement.


We produce in developed environment with TSUKATANI own production technology under strict teach of Japanese technician.

Original Techniques and Knowledge

With its unrivalled research and development capabilities and productivity set as bases, high cost performance has been achieved while improving the technical standard. 


Tsukatani pursues super-precision grinding techniques and has materialized high-accuracy high-precision steel cutting rules.  Tsukatani responds to diverse materials and requirements for sophisticated processing.




We will exhibit at PACK PRINT INTERNATIONAL 2022.

Date:19 - 22 October, 2022


Stand : F27

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Pick up Product: Tignite Plus - Cutting edge like mirror process -

Plus Type is our original product processed by grinding. A sharp cutting edge like mirror processed decreases cutting force. It is effective for smooth and fine cutting plane and preventing tearing off and peeling of printed papers.

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Our business


►Steel cutting rule(Special rule)

►Tube Punch, NC Punch


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