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Taiyo Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
All for customer`s pursue infinite of possibilities of plastic working

High Quality - Small Environmental Burden


 Quality / Environmental Policy



We provide customers with high-grade metal pressed products based on the improvement in customer satisfaction and contribution to the establishment of an earth-friendly recycling-based society through strategic deploy as a technological development type value creation company.

  1. We comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, requirements specified by customers, requirements of ISO 9001/14001 and IATF16949 and any additional requirements determined by the Group. 
  2. We advance management innovations by setting target,implementation of plan and review the result at each hierarchy in order to ensure steady implementation of the quality policy.
  3. We are committed to preventing defect and reducing variation and waste.We will focus on improving customer satisfaction.
  4. We embrace environmentalism by the action of contamination prevention, energy saving, natural resources saving, CO2 reduction, prevention of global warming by efficient pruduction, recycling, and any activities of ecosystem protection according to environmental effect evaluation.
  5. We continuously improve management system to strive to aim at improvement of the quality and environmantal performance.
  6. We document this policy and ensure full awareness of all employees and disclose it for the communication with the society.


 Measuring Equipment



 Coordinate Mesuring Machine (CMM)  Quick Vision Apex
 Surface Roughness Tester  Image Dimension Measuring
 Contour Measuring Machine  Micro Vickers Hardness Meter


Measuring instrument

Quick Vision Apex MITUTOYO QV-X802P1L-C 2units
Quick Vision Apex MITUTOYO QV-X302P1L-E 1unit
Quick Vision Active MITUTOYO QV-L202Z1L-D 1unit
Image Dimension Measuring KEYENCE IM-6500E 1unit
Measuring Imaging Microscope ARCS SVP-2010 1unit
Coordinate Mesuring Machine (CMM) MITUTOYO APEX S544 1unit
Surface Roughness Tester MITUTOYO SJ-210 1unit
Micro Vickers Hardness Meter MITUTOYO HM-220 1unit
Rockwell Hardness Meter MITUTOYO HR-430MR 1unit
Contour Measuring Machine MITUTOYO CV-2000S4 1unit
ISO Scope FISCHER FMP30 1unit
General Measuring Tool - - 1unit


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