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Hanshin Neji (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Supply all kinds of fasteners.

Urgent service for 


AIR shipment from Japan on WEEKDAYS.

   Every MON => NEXT DAY Arrive
NEW!!  Every TUE => NEXT DAY Arrive
   Every WED => NEXT DAY Arrive
NEW!!  Every THU => NEXT DAY Arrive
   Every FRI => NEXT MONDAY Arrive



① Air shipment (JAPAN=>HANSHIN TH), Freight only 250THB/KG

② Fasteners, tools and various kinds of products available.

③ After arrival, we will deliver or send you by SCG Express quickly.

④ If your order would be over 50kg, we will propose another quotation.



< Import dangerous goods >

Even though about dangerous goods, please ask us. Because we have specialist about it in Japan. We will check how we can send and propose best way for you.



Latest Update 14 Apr 2020
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