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Supply all kinds of fasteners.

Interview with Fastener specialist

Mr. Kenichiro Yamazato

Why Fasteners can fasten?

For example, you fasten hex bolt with nut. When the nut touches the surface of plating which you want to fasten, you will feel getting hard, and have to fasten more powerfully. Then if you fasten more and more, the plates you want to fasten can be fixed. This is something very obvious thing, isn’t it? 

But why bolts and nuts fixed the plates? Answer is 2 kinds of power. One is axial force and friction force is the other. As mentioned above, when the nut starts to touch the plates, the bolt is being stretched.

Then if you fasten properly, the nut will be fixed and I believe you can not loose the nut by hand. Because the bolt be stretched has power wants to be back to the position like a rubber. This power is Axial force. And also, the friction force will be produced at the position in the thread, plate and nut, plate and bolt also.

Who found this fastening system and function in long time ago? I think human being must be genious! 

What is the company character?

The strongest point is that we can supply good quality fasteners by small amount. Of course, sometimes we have to propose MOQ, but we will try our best to meet the target of customers about Quantity and Delivery date.

And we understand the fasteners are very important products even though this is tiny products. Therefore, we will supply only trustable products to the customers.

What do you want the company to be?

Our management principal is “We will pursue employee’ happiness and contribute to the people work in MONODUKURI (Manufacturing) all over the world. I want to do anything for this purpose.

I think that to make employees happy is to give them salary much more also important, but also, I really want them to have experience to make something by themselves and contribute to something in social. Then they can grow up as human and achieve real happiness.

On the same time, I want to make the organization to good services and good products support people work in manufacturing in Thailand.

Latest Update 25 Dec 2019
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