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Reasonable and high quality package supplier in Thailand

Logistics consulting


Minimize costs and maximize profit


The concept is VE / VA (Velue Engineering / Value Analysis).
Maximum performance at the lowest cost.
Why not review the existing packaging?

1. Cost reduction


2. Abundant experience

Maybe we can reduce the cost of that package even more.  In some cases, you can save a lot of money by changing the material and quantity inside package. We will review the conventional packaging form and contribute to cost reduction of the entire logistics.

We support a large number of customers in Japan, China, Vietnam and North America. Using the global network, we can support not only from Thailand but also from overseas.


Basic flow of logistics consulting



< STEP 01 >
Review of existing packaging

We will clarify your purpose through MTG.

< STEP 02 >

We will minimize the number of pallets loaded and maximize the number of parts in the package. We will also consider different materials that suits the purpose.

< STEP 03 >
Production and delivery

We perform stable production and supply
according to the delivery date.


Latest Update 04 Oct 2021
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