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MEX (FDM) method 3d printer

3D printer for HP filament (super flexible type). A lineup of 8 colors of dedicated 3mm type filaments. Enables stable modeling of large size. It is the best one for soft modeling with a 3D printer. The output size is 250W x 250D x 340H. PLA can also be used.

What is Material Extrusion Method (MEX)?

The material extrusion method (MEX) is also called Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Fused filament fabrication (FFF), which is a modeling method that creates a three-dimensional model by extruding the modeling material (resin) from the nozzle. Compared to other modeling methods, the price of the machine itself is reasonable, and the running cost is lower because maintenance can be done by yourself. In addition, there are a wide variety of materials, the price of the material itself is lower than other modeling methods, and there is a possibility that new materials will be developed in the future, so it is a very effective modeling method in the future.


Stable, high-quality flexible modeling

Head that enables stable filament feed

Stable filament supply with 3 mm diameter filament

Uses filament guide tube with excellent sliding

Uses a touch screen with good operability

Excellent workability with wide opening and closing of the front and top covers

Uses a dedicated build tape that supports stable modeling

Various color lineup of filaments

Potential for ever-expanding materials such as Hytrel


3d printer filament


HP Filament® (super flexible type) 1.75mm/2.85mm

A flexible filament that can be used with general-purpose MEX (FDM, FFF) 3D printers. The material is a mixture of PLA and elastomer. The hardness is 60A.

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HP Filament® (flexible phosphorescent type) 1.75mm

Flexible filament containing phosphorescent pigment. The state color of the filament and the 3d printed object is gray and green emission type. It is a soft phosphorescent filament like no other.

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HP Filament® (flexible aroma type) 1.75mm

A sustained-release type flexible aroma filament containing a scent component. There are two standard scents, "floral" and "soap". Please contact us for custom-made scents.

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HP Filament® (high-strength type) 1.75mm

PLA contains Tochu Elastomer ® (a natural polymer produced from the raw material plant of Tochu tea)

Filament with improved impact resistance. "Tochu Elastomer ®" is a registered trademark of Hitachi Zosen Corporation.

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HP Filament® (UV reactive type) 1.75mm

A special filament that reacts to ultraviolet rays. It can emit light in three colors: red, blue, and green.

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HP Filament® (PEEK type) 1.75mm

A filament made of PEEK (polyetheretherketone) resin, which has excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance. PEEK material can be selected from Victrex, DiselEVONIK, and PFLUON. Natural and black color. Uses a heat-resistant special bobbin. The filament can be dried while wrapped around the bobbin.

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HP Filament® (PPS type) 1.75mm

A filament made of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) resin, which has excellent cost and chemical resistance.
Uses a heat-resistant special bobbin. The filament can be dried while wrapped around the bobbin.



3d printing service

In addition to super flexible, we also carry out 3D printing service such as PLA and ABS. Please contact us first.


Recommended 3d printers for HP Filament® (super flexible type)




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