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Production of Plastic Extrusions (TPO, PVC etc), 3D Printing Filament

Using thermoplastic elastomer as the main material, we propose the optimum material and shape according to customer needs.​

We manufacture high-performance parts that take advantage of the characteristics of resin extrusion products, ​such as watertightness, airtightness, anti-vibration, and soundproofing.

Since TPO has a specific gravity of 1 or less, it is possible to reduce the weight of products,
and the amount of heat generated in the manufacturing process is small,
​contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases. It is a recyclable, environmentally friendly material.


Reference : Material Characteristic Table




The Best Selling

Excellent smoothness surface and abrasion resistance
resin extrusion products.



Sube up Tube

The Best Selling

Innovation of a tube with a smooth inner surface.



Sube up LED waterproof & protective cover


Improves the insertability of LED tapes



PVC Products

Japan Quality

・PVC extrusion molding with Japan Quality.

・[Color] Black, Dark Gray, Translucent, Natural etc

・[Shape] Tube, Double tube, Profile extrusion, etc

・[Application] Buildings, automobile, Industrial parts,
   gasket, medical tube, etc


Wire insertion Resin Extrusion Molded Products

New Products

It is a simultaneous extrusion molded product of resin and wire.

Please contact us for resin materials, shapes, wire materials, and dimensions.


Resin Extrusion Molded Sheet Products

New Products

Extruded TPO sheet.

It is used for die-cut products.


Resin Extrusion Molded + Flocking

New Products

Resin extrusion molding is performed in-house, and flocking is performed at a partner factory.



New Products

Low cost flocking using special process technology instead of electrostatic processes.



Gel Gasket​

Patented Product

Innovative co-extrusion of gel with elastomer.



(transparent acrylic extrusion)​


Excellent transparency and weather-ability

View-up is an environment friendly acrylic extrusion because it is unplasticized and halogen free. It has excellent transparency and weatherability. The hardness can be chosen ranging from 70 to 90 Shore A.


Replace of using PVC tube, building gaskets, sealing materials, LED tape cover etc.


Mushi Tight

New Products

Mushi-tight is a high functional gasket with an effect of insect repellent.



HP Foam

New Products

Plastic Foam products" that achieve the same performance as EP Rubber Foam!



3D Printer filament

New Products

HP Filament® (super flexible type) 1.75mm/2.85mm

A flexible filament that can be used with general-purpose MEX (FDM, FFF) 3D printers. The material is a mixture of PLA and elastomer. The hardness is 60A.



Sube-up Tube for 3D Printer Filament-supply

Patent pending

Best suited tube for filament-supply


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