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Oerlikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Surface Solutions for Cutting Tools, Forming Tools and Precision Component

The benchmark in plastics processing

Our wear-reduction solutions for greater productivity and efficiency in injection molding and extrusion.  The mold surface plays a crucial role in injection molding and extrusion: The better its quality, the greater the productivity and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

You can reliably attain this objective with innovative BALINIT® wear protection solutions by Oerlikon Balzers – a technology leader in hard coatings. BALINIT® coatings push your molds to peak performance and offer you numerous advantages in plastics processing.


Whether injection molding, extrusion or blow molding: Only forming tool surfaces of the best quality ensure optimal productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes. Take advantage of the BALINIT® CROMA and BALINIT® CROMA PLUS wear protection solutions from Oerlikon Balzers, a worldwide technological leader in the field of hard coatings. They offer you the precise advantages that are essential for reliability and success in your plastics processing.


The innovative and highly efficient treatment for brilliant mould surfaces

As a professional, you are aware of this problem: Mirror-polished surfaces in plastics injection moulding are very sensitive. Heavily stressed surfaces in particular are prone to wear and scratches caused by environmental effects or improper handling. Subsequent repairs or even repolishing is time-consuming and costly. That´s why we developed BALITHERM® PRIMEFORM – a plasma-assisted treatment that perceptibly boosts the surface hardness of your moulds with a diffusion coating. Additionally, it prevents build-up, flaking, and embrittlement at edges.

The optimised solution for every application!

Latest Update 09 Jan 2024
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