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Oerlikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Surface Solutions for Cutting Tools, Forming Tools and Precision Component

Get the advantage through innovative wear protection

High productivity, manufacturing reliability, cost efficiency – the demands made on cutting tools are enormous. That’s why you should rely on the innovative BALINIT® wear protection coatings from Oerlikon Balzers, a worldwide technological leader in the field of hard coatings. 

With BALINIT® you can employ a wide variety of coating properties such as extreme coating hardness and high wear resistance – and benefit from numerous advantages for milling, drilling, reaming, turning and threading. 

Oerlikon Balzers’ new one-stop-shop solution serves all your needs

With the coating portfolio of the world‘s leading surface solution provider and as the success of one-stop-shop reconditioning service for gear cutter in Thailand. Now Oerlikon Balzers Thailand expanded the service for round tools which is an integrated global service concept for high-performance cutting tools that includes all reconditioning steps under one roof. From pickup and incoming inspection of tools as well as regrinding and recoating to packaging and delivery, handle everything with single-source convenience and tailored needs.

The result: round tools that are reconditioned and returned to you quickly – and cost-effectively at superior quality.


Maximum performance for machining difficult-to-cut materials

Machining difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, nickel-based alloys and stainless and hardened steel, which are being used more and more in the aerospace, 3C (Computers, Communications and Consumer electronics) and mould-making industries, pushes cutting tools to the limits of their performance. BALINIT®DURANA from Oerlikon Balzers is a high-end coating solution that offers superior oxidation resistance, high thermal stability and exceptional wear resistance, making it perfect for machining these challenging materials.

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First-class performance in milling, drilling and turning

Tool manufacturers, mechanical engineering, the aircraft industry and reconditioners can look forward to even more versatility and performance. With BALINIT® LATUMA, not only is the machining and use of a wide variety of challenging materials even more productive now, the process reliability under difficult working conditions is also increased at the same time. Employ this coating solution for indexable inserts and shank-type tools.

Rely on a tool coating with application versatility


Highly productive machining in non-ferrous metals

When machining nonferrous metals, this formula applies: The sharper the edge and the smoother the surface, the more efficient and successful the manufacturing process. You can reliably attain this goal with BALINIT® HARD CARBON by Oerlikon Balzers, a technology leader in hard coatings. BALINIT® HARD CARBON lets you tap into unique advantages that make the difference.

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