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What do you have any request about material ?

  Material is able to do VA/VE. ( consider not Japanese maker ??)
  Some process and select heat treatment.
  Material is able to bend also do hardening.
  Die and punch material is tough for crack and chipping.
  Change stainless steel from steel which is do hardening.
  Total consideration support for material , process and heat treatment.


Special Steel Item

 Special steel Sheet & Coil

Carbon steel S10C~S60C
Carbon tool steel SK85~SK95
Boron steel N22CB、HC15B22
Alloy steel SCR420、SCM415、SCM435
Spring steel SUP6、SUP10、NKS62
Alloy tool steel SKS5、SKS51
Bearing steel SUJ2

 Special steel Round bar & Flat Bar

Carbon steel S10C~S50C
Alloy tool steel QCM8、SKD11、SKD61、QCM64H
Alloy steel SCR415H、SCR420H、SCR440H
Spring steel SUP6、SUP10、SUP9
Bearing steel SUJ2
Cupper Alloy BeCu25/50、HRW3

 General steel, Galvanized steel

Electro Galvanized SECC、SEHC
Automobile structural SPCC、SPHC、SAPH、SPFC、SPFH
General steel SS400

 Special steel, General steel Plate

Carbon steel S10C~S55C
Abrasion resistant steel EH400、EH500
General steel SS400

 Stainless steel Sheet & Coil

General grade SUS304、SUS430
Hardening grade SUS420J2、WNR4034
Special grade NSS304ES、HT1770、HT1770M

 Stainless steel Round bar & Flat Bar

General grade SUS304、SUS416
Hardening grade SUS440C、SUS630
(Super stainless steel)
Silicolloy A2(precipitation hardened)
Silicolloy XVI(precipitation hardened)
Silicolloy B2(dual phase)
Silicolloy D(dual phase)


SK85, QCM8 Stock list

SK85 Sheet & Coil

QCM8 Round bar & Flat bar

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