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Process Center (Theparak Factory)

We supply from material process to final process.

Material Process Rough Cut & Machine Choice Heat treatment Finish Part


Material Process・Heat Treatment


We import mother coil and we order coil center to slit・leveler・mini leveler for customer's request.


We cut customer's request sheet size.

Band saw cut

We can cut wide range of round bar & Flat Bar.

Size:10mm ~ 750mm

Auto Circular Saw

Auto Circular Saw can cut round bar (flat bar) very accurate size and smooth surface.

Size:Ф10mm ~ Ф125mm


Straightening for Round bar


Size:Ф10mm ~ Ф40mm


Milling for making hole and finish plate


Size:350mm x 500mm

Gas / Laser cut

We can cut shape from customer's request.


Heat Treatment

We will suggest proper heat treatment form our Heat treatment network.
​Vacuum type harden & temper / carburizing, Gas carburizing / nitriding, Salt bath, continuous harden & temper, Normalizing, Annealing, Coating, etc.,


Process for Part

CNC Lathe

Mori Seiki CNC is very accuracy cutting.

SL403B : Max Ф600mm
NLX2500Y : Max Ф300mm

Manual Lathe

Manual Lathe use for rough cut and pre-process for CNC lathe.

Okuma. : Max Ф300mm
Toshiba : Max Ф1200mm

Machining Center

Machining Center use for Die, tool and part.

Makino :  Max 350 x 500
Toyoda  :   Max 900 x  1400

Cylindrical Griner

Finished Grinding to cylindrical shape.

Max Dia. : Ф200mm
Max Length : 1000mm

Rotary Grinder

Finished Grinding to surface.

Size:Max Ф380mm

Surface Grinder

Finished Grinding to surface.

Size:Max 400mm x 700mm


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