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Japanese company which offers document translation service in various languages such as Thai, Myanmar,Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnam etc.

Reducing you budget by our translation service.
We are trusted by more than 200 companies in Thailand.

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Question to Sales-person and Executive. 

 (Translation) is one of important things for launching business in ASEAN but its expense is quite high.  

- Establish office, factory
- Sell product or service 

Contents that need to be localized
- Owner's Manual  - Technical Manual
- Repair's Manaul  - Staff training Manual
- In-house Document  - Maketing Document
- Product detail Document  - Sales Document
- Company profile Document  - Catalog
- Website

Cross over language wall

by "Translation"


Successful in Business

Do you know that you can manage your cost and don't need to invest large amount of money?

This method can be applied with parts procurement or provoke employee training.

ITP's"Translation by database service" can reduce wasteful budget on translation.

The graph on the left shows analysis result of sentence translated to Thai by customers themself. It found that 65% of all sentences are unnecessary or rarely necessary to translate to Thai which are able to reduce translation cost. Even translate to others languages such as Veitnamese, Cambodian, Indonesian also has the same result. Our method is more efficient in translating documents contain repeated sentences such as manuals because it can reduce budget down.
Translation by database service of ITP has high quality in reasonable price.



"Long-term translation contract (3 year above) more than 80 companies in ASEAN Confirmed 100% result by long-tern contract"

Realize cost situation by translation service

After the opening of AEC, market will be expanded together with various languages will be used. Cost of translation, of cause, has to be spend more. Repeated sentence in our database can prevent this problem.

By our unique translation method, first, we will analysis your document to find repeated sentences to prevent wasteful expense. The graph on the left shows success of our customer. They can reduce translation cost 30% in 4 years and used this 30% to invest in other parts.

Increase your profit by our translation service.

* In case, document contains many new sentences, translation expense will not meet this condition.

Always report about amount of repeated sentences and new translate sentences before starting project.

We would appreciate it If you could provide us referable document when starting project first time. This will be made as database and used for refering in next job. You don't have to pay for making database

All of media that contain characters is able to apply with our translation system.

Example of translatable document: technical documents, manuals, catalogs, Marketing document, website, video etc.

ITP ASIA is professional on translation using know-how of technical information.


We can translate to various languages such as Thai, Burmese, and other languages in ASEAN.

ITP ASIA CO.,LTD. Headquarter: Bangna Sales office: Samrong, Chachoengsao Logistic center: Bangna Printing Factory: Bangpho


Latest Update 04 Oct 2021
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