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Manufacture, import and sale of gas

Manufacture, import and sale of gas

 With more than 30 years of experiences, our business operation covers a wide range of services including stable
and continuous supply of high quality gases and unique services specified as a Japanese supplier.
As of now, it is our honor that we have been a part in social and industrial development in Thailand.

We, Thai-Japan Gas Co.,Ltd. has been trying every way to provide the highest satisfaction to our customer
by manufacturing and supplying our products according to customers’ needs such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen,
Argon, Helium, Acetylene, High purity gas, Laser gas including gas for Sterilization, Ethylene Oxide and other gases etc.

  Thai-Japan Gas Co., Ltd. hopes to be continually supported and trusted from you.


Stable Supply 


Safety First 


High Quality



Gas products

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Industrial Gases

Mixed Gases

Special Gases

Ethylene Oxide Diluent Gases

Fuel Gases

Gas Equipment

Safety Management

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Distribution System

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