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Miyathai Corporation Co., Ltd.
Metal Working oil (Cutting/Grinding oils, Coolant oils, Anti-rust oils, ) and other Industrial oils Fire alarm systems and SPD (Surge Protective Device).


The market leader in Japan. Pioneer of Barrel finishing.


►Barrel Finishing Machines

Tipton offers various solutions supported by know-how and experiences to answer customer's needs. Not only barrel finishing machines but also abrasive chips, compounds and barrel conditions are very important factors.


 Rotary Barrel

Basic model.
barral machine.

 Vibratory Barrel

Suitable for
mass finishing.

 Centrifugal Disc

Worker friendly.

 Centrifugal Barral

High performance Barrel.

 Dry Barrel

Waste water drainage system is not required.


►Related Products

Barrel finishing process requires a lot of works (in - out - drain - separation).
Related products are necessary to make barrel work effectively.



Separate abrasive chips and
workpiece effectivelly.

 Centrifugal Dryer

Combination of Heating and centrifugal makes faster to dry workpieces.

 Waste water treatment system

1 system 5 processes.(coagulation, sedimentation, concentration, dehydration and filtration.)


►Abrasive chips (Abrasive medias)

Abrasive chps should be carefully chosen to suit for the shape and requirements of workpieces.
Tipton has more than 1,500 different kinds which we believe you can find your best solutions.


Ceramic medias

Standard types

Plastic medias

Suitable for Alminium/Zinc.

Soft medias

Made from Walnuts/Corn.

Steel medias

Made from Iron/Stainless.

Sahara medias

For dry barrel.



Compound is the au xiliary agent to improve finishing efficiency.

Main functions of compound
 Water Softening.  
 Shock Absorbing.  
 Rust Inhibiting.  


 Liquid Compound

Easy to mix with water.
Low durability compared to powder type.

 Powder Compound

Long durability
Posssible to be stucked in a workpiece.

 Rust preventives

Rust inhibiting and corrosion prevention of workpieces after barrel finishing.


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