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Thai Takasago Co., Ltd.
Designing and constructing HVAC systems, electrical facilities, Clean Room and IoT System,etc.




LOMA / Thai Takasago Original IoT System



Smart Monitoring for Smart Business

What is ?

LOMA (Link, Operate, Monitor and Analyze) is an IoT system designed to utilize the HVAC system, to make the system function effectively and to prevent malfunction from happening by providing real-time monitoring and preventive alert. The monitored data will be kept safely on cloud, and analyzed for more efficient operations.


How LOMA Works?


Sensors will later transfer the activities to Nodes subsequently Nodes also deliver the information to our Gateways
and we will receive the Data and view on the LOMA Dashboard.



Energy Consumption


Water Flow Mater

Air Flow Mater

Particle / Dust

Open / Close Record


LOMA Dashboard


Benefit of LOMA

- 24/ Monitoring system
- Utilize IoT and cloud platform
- Fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI)
​- Provide advanced analytics

- Reduce maintenance Costs
- Reduce downtime costs
- Reduce spare part costs
- Reduce manpower costs
​- Reduce mean time to repair

- Keep data with high security on private cloud (AWS)
- Be able to access real-time data anytime and everywhere
- Easily and quickly access to historical data

- Avoid human error
- Real-Time Data
- Directly export from LOMA and unable to be altered

- Predict and prevent downtime
- Real-time alert before breakdown
- Identify the cause of improper working of machine
- Increase production since machine work more consistent
- Plan maintenance or production schedules effectively
​- Avoid serious damage and extend machine life


Latest Update 06 Oct 2021
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