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Energy Saving System

We consider the reduction in CO2 emissions from HVAC systems as our social responsibility, therefore, we provide our customers with CO2 reduction technologies and energy saving solutions as part of our "Takasago Green Air" activities.

 Individual pump type water circulation system for air conditioning - GLIP

Supplying the necessary volume of warm and cold water with the minimum necessary energy at any given time: 50 - 90% reduction in power for conveyance

GLIP® (Green Loops & Individual Pumps) is an energy saving system which thoroughly removes any consumption of drive power resulting from wasteful pressure loss in the water circulation system. The pumps and control valves in the central machinery room are abolished and a pump with an inverter is installed for each air conditioner or for each group. By integrating the transportation function and flow control function, the resistance of the piping is kept low and the required volume of cold and hot water is operated with the minimum possible pump power.

The use of this system reduces the yearly consumption of energy by around 50 - 90% from that on conventional systems, so its application is beneficial for large scale facilities such as office buildings, multi-purpose gymnasiums, shopping malls and clean room factories.



 Refrigerant Sub-cool System

Energy saving and reduced peak consumption on equipment such as multi-type building air conditioners,
PAC for computer rooms and chillers - Electricity consumption reduced by more than 15%

On air cooled equipment, cooling water cools the liquid refrigerant to improve the cooling capacity. For example on multi-systems for buildings, package air conditioners for server rooms or module chillers. This makes it possible to reduce the peak consumption of electricity and the energy consumption overall, and at the same time it contributes to an easing of the heat island effect, by using the heat of vaporization of the water.

In addition there is an option to select the Eva-Chilled System, which contains the cooling water heat source described above, which uses a unit containing a miniature cooling tower for use on smaller scale systems and buildings where cooling water cannot be obtained.


An energy saving technology which does not depend on the air cooled PAC's capacity, and is effective for PAC already installed.

A wide variety of cooling water is used (cooling tower, well water, boiler make-up water, etc.)

There is no fin corrosion as occurs with the method of sprinkling water onto outdoor units, and it is also effective in between seasons.

Less water is required than on water sprinkler type module chillers and operating costs are reduced by 20%

 Takasago Integrated Heat-source System

Extremely high efficiency and energy saving heat source system: Up to 70% energy reduction

The Takasago Integrated Heat Source System is a heat source system with one of the highest levels of energy conservation performance in the world, which it achieves by removing as much wasteful consumption of energy as possible to maintain the ideal operating conditions. The devices which constitute the system are all commercially available general-use items, but an ordermade system is designed which is optimal for the customer's circumstances.

The system continues to evolve as the knowledge and expertise built up through many previous installations is used to realize the requirements of a wide variety of customers. We also offer systems which realize the optimization of air conditioning for the entire building, which includes secondary side air conditioning equipment in addition to the heat sources. Recently, there has been as increase in the number of applications to office buildings in addition to factories.


Optimal prediction system design using highly accurate simulations

Use of free cooling throughout the year by recovering the cold thermal energy of outside air in cooling towers

Energy saving technologies such as the maximum possible reduction of power for water conveyance

Operation control technologies to draw out the maximum possible efficiency on refregirators

Energy saving construction such as reduced resistance piping
Monitoring and energy management functions to maintain high performance
Buildings where it has been introduced have received awards including the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan's society awards and promotion awards.


Latest Update 24 Sep 2021
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