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We are a manufacturer of high precision metal press. We have multiple processes in house,
tooling design and fabrication, metal press, washing, barrel, plating, annealing and assembly.

Metal sheet assembly

We serve one-stop service from purchasing the cutting part & metal sheet to the assembly.
We can reduce the cost because produced by our partner in Thai.
We can support wide range of requirement in Thai and south east asia, so we can trade any types of products, cutting parts, metal sheet, machining parts in domestic and over sea.
We assemble the metal sheet in Thai and export to over sea as well.

Machine tooling : Machining centers, NC lathes, Gear processing machines, Laser, bender, etc.


We can discuss the quantity. The phot below is 500pcs/lot for example. This is mainly used as mechanical parts.

Latest Update 06 Jan 2023
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