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We are a manufacturer of high precision metal press. We have multiple processes in house,
tooling design and fabrication, metal press, washing, barrel, plating, annealing and assembly.

Precision press technology

We have the deep drawing press technology which is our core technology, so we can provide the highly difficulty precision. We can make any types of shape to be possible such as deep drawing with transfer press, bending and compressed with progressive press.

Deep drawing of thin material

Press to cup shape

Compress metal sheet

Compress only a part

High precision press

Example : Diameter Φ1.3mm Thickness 0.03mm Tantalum Plate


Press Marking and
Laser Marking


Tapping metal part

Common tooling

We can make common tooling for similar shape or same shape but different thickness.

Special materials

Kovar, Molybdenum, 426 alloy, Tantalum, Niobium

Special materials are used as heat resist & high durability and good match for ceramic, also these are known as difficult press material.

We can make the difficult press material to be the high precision press parts.


Latest Update 06 Jan 2023
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