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Origin of Company Name

When the late Mr.Isaburo Takeyasu,the founder of the companies in the Zeniya Alminum Group,started his company,he named it ZENIYA,after Mr.Zeniya Gohei,one of the greatest merchants in the Edo Period and whose activities extended from Kuril Island and Kamchatka to the Island of Tasmania,Australia.After repeatedly reading as a boy the success stories of Mr.Zeniya Gohei with pleasure,our founder came to deeply sympathize with his way of life.

Mr.Takeyasu selected a design of an old coin,the Kanei-Tsuho,for his company flag,as it reminded him of Mr.Zeniya Gohei’s flag emblem.The Kanei-Tsuho was the principal coin in the Edo Period,and it is still loved and well known in Japan.We hope that our company will be loved in the same way and therefore choose this coin for the flag’s design.

Company Name
Representative Person

Yoshihiro Hirota MD

Business Description

Production and sales of Metal forming and surface treatment products

Product Line

Stamping, machining and anodizing parts for automotive, motorcycle, electronics and outdoor industry. Large metal fabricadtion work for plant and infrastructure. Maritime buoy.

Head Office
Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate Phase 8
700/750 Moo 1, Phan Thong, Chonburi 20160
TEL 03-818-5512-5

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Person in Charge
Mr.Fujiwara(JP/EN) E-mail: Mobile: 08-1803-4856
Establish Date

May 2011

Parent Company

Zeniya Aluminum Engineering, Ltd.


150 (Jan. 2020)




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Latest Update 05 Aug 2022
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