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Seishin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. 【Daiki Aluminium Group】
【Daiki Aluminium Group】Produced aluminium die casting part by Process which is Die Casting, Maching, Griding, Finishing for 4-wheeled, 2-wheeled, construction machinery, farm machine, home appliances

Casting and Machining for casting product

Seishin (Thailand) is a die casting production base of Daiki Aluminum Group. We specialize in a wide variety of materials such as ADC12, ADC6, B39H, NA alloy and HT-1. We also specialize in Vacumm Die casting. There are 12 die casting machines of size 125-850 ton and 67 of machining, we continue our goal to expand the company to ASEAN.

Toward reducing Power consumption, Energy consumption and CO2 emissions​


Seishin (Thailand) has realized the importance of the problems of global warming, the use of electricity and the large amount of carbon dioxide emissions from factories in Thailand. The company is aware of the problems and tries to solve them and promote energy saving in order to be in line with the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) that are now being given importance around the world. In April 2023, the company installed clean energy from sunlight (solar cells) size 216 kW. in order to reduce the use of unclean energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions for a good environment in the future in line with and achieving the goals. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Company Name
Seishin (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. 【Daiki Aluminium Group】
Representative Person

MD : Shinya Takayama

Business Description

Die casting of aluminium products・Finishing・Machining・Surface Treatment(Cooperating Maker)・Painting(Cooperating Maker)・Leak inspection・Appearance inspection

Product Line

Aluminium die casting part for 4-wheeled, 2-wheeled, construction machinery, farm machine, home appliances

Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate
700/183 Moo1, Bankao, Phan Thong, Chonburi 20160
Phone : 038-458-272-4
Fax : 038-468-625

【Takayama】 E-mail : / Mobile : 065-929-1256

【Hada】 E-Mail : Mobile : 098-834-4576

【Okatani】 E-Mail : Mobile : 080‐619‐4747

【Phatcharakamol】 E-Mail : Mobile : 099-670-0668

【Jutharat】 E-Mail : Mobile : 087-484-1530

Establish Date

June 2010



Parent Company

Daiki Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.


Daiki Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd.


310 persons (6 persons of Japanease staff)

Account Period

End of December






ISO 9001:2015 , ISO14001:2015 , IATF16949:2016

Latest Update 22 Dec 2023
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