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CASTEM group manufactures LOST WAX and MIM products
for utilizing the original molding technology.

Please trust CASTEM to reduce cost of hard-to-materials by cutting, complicated shapes products and manufactures products from small lot sizes to more than 10,000 pieces per order.

Merit of Us

Own Technology

We can be manufactured the Undercut shape that cannot made by parting, complicated shape that hard-to-materials by cutting, integration of complicated parts, thin wall parts under 0.5 mm and fine hole that no other manufacturer or no other method could produce.

CASTEM will resolve all !!

Support to varied products assortment and small lots

We have achieved to made low cost and timely delivery by in-house production of the mold. Lost wax, of course. And, the mass production of MIM products, we can reduce cost of small lost also !!

Integrated production system

We build integrated production system support from mold-making to machining finish. Working with reliable business partners (subcontractors) enabled us to provide a full support from materials to finished products. (Heat treatment and plating too)


CASTEM parts are in every scene of everyday life.

For example, the interior of the machine tools that makes up a lot of parts,
A medical equipment used during surgery and the parts of the bag that you use every day.
The parts made from our technology are used in all industries around the world.



"LOST WAX" a flexible investment casting method for any shape, material and strength.



As a pioneer of Metal Injection Molding, we are devoted to provide high quality products.



We started casting aluminum
in addition to iron and stainless steel.



No need mold !
We can make metal products that from
3D printer model without mold.



Parts used in the medical industry are required to be free
and have new ideas. We make innovative proposals
based on advanced manufacturing technologies and
contribute to the medical industry.


─ Taking technology a half-step further than anyone before ─

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Latest Update 02 Nov 2020
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