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We provide anodize, hard anodize, Kashima-Coat, black anodize, oxalic anodize.

  SINCE 2013


Executive as mass producion for precision parts to Automotive and Motorcycle
Globally supply from Thailand and Japan

The attaraction of our company is....

Production System

Stalable mass proudction by Automatic anodizing line

The establishment of quality by Traceability system

  Sulfuric acid anodizing line :2 Lines(Anodizing tank size:H1200*W1000)
  Oxalic acid anodizing line :1 Line(Anodizing tank size:H680*W680)  
  Anodizing test Line :1 Line(Trial・Available with small lot quantity )

Types of anodizing

Providing 40 years Japanese anodizing technique in Thailand
Standard anodize / Hard anodize / Color anodize / Kashima-Coat / Oxalic anodize

Partial Masking is available


Anodizing to aluminium containing large Si
Anodizing to such as aluminimum die-casting (ADC12/A380) is  our forte. Forming coat with highly corrosion resistance withstand under the Brine environment

Anodizing high hardness
Forming coat with over HV400 to expanded material.

Oxalic Anodizing
Better and Smooth Roughness  / Less cracking due to heat / High corrorion resistance with thin thickness.

UniqueTequniqe 『Kashima-Coat
Adding lubricating function to hard anodizing with the goal of enhancing wear resistance and friction.

Latest Update 29 Jul 2020
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