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Coreless coil, Coil Bobbin, Choke coil, EMC, FPC Assy manufacturer

We keep the quality control system
​by Japanese quality control standard

①Develop Technology by a thorough trainning

We provide training for new employees and for critical process we also provide with a certification system.

②Obtaining Certification​

We have obtained the certification of Production quality, ISO Environment and also a certification from business partner (ISO9001/ISO14001, Sony Green Partner)

  ► Inspection equipment

Two-dimensional measuring instrument

Profile Projector

Substance microscope


  ► ISO9001:2015

  ► ISO14001:2015


  ► SONY Green Partner

  ► Nikon Environmental Partner

According to the promotion "Environment Quality Assurance Green Partner" of Sony Corporation. Our company has passed the evaluation criteria and has been certified as a “Green partner” since May 2011

We are one of the certified procurement partners who meet the requirements for environmental management systems based on the Nikon Green Procurement Standards as Nikon Environmental Partners.


Latest Update 23 Dec 2021
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