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Takahashi Spring (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Are you looking for a reliable Precision Wire Springs maker?

"Looking for a reliable Japanese Springs maker?"

We make it possible from Design to Mass Production in a short time to meet your needs.

Takahashi Spring produces various types of precise wire springs ranging from Compression spring, Torsion Spring, Extension Sping to any other press parts and assembled products.

Ask us ! For All things like…. 

  • Start of production or New Project 
  • Production transfer both from domestic and overseas. 
  • Quick delivery system of springs for trial production
  • Mass volume as well as High-mix low-volume manufacturing
  • Cope with complexity form
  • Other Spring makers say “ Sorry, can not…”

Keys to Success 20 Years in Thailand

Quick Delivery

We commit quick response on all processes including Quotation and proposal after receiving inquiry as looking at customer’s desire. Sample delivery speedily. Appropriate design proposal, those customer-oriented supports eventually lead to achievement of maximum customer satisfaction.

Speedy Mass Production

It has more than 20 years since we steadily provided high quality products in Thailand. We try to make the proposal even at the early stages of planning and trial production in order to develop the product with necessary function at lower cost, and to start the mass production more speedily.

Minimize changeover

In order to improve productivity by minimizing downtime during changeover, production schedules are always shared with all sections. Creativity and Flexibility are key roles to agility and levelling, ultimately for refinement of our production systems.



Wire Springs

■Compression Spring  ■Torsion Spring  ■Extension Spring

Please click here for details of each product.


Press Stamping Available

With AIDA's 25t-110t 11 units in total,
We perform standard stamping processing.

Not only a single product, but also a combined
​assembly with a precision spring,  

We have been realized parts supply as well.

Please click here for the detail.

Latest Update 23 Jul 2022
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