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Photo Etching technology is used in high-precision parts for electronics field which could be controlled in the micron millimeteters level.

KFT have challenge to study technology for increased accuracy for the future.

Example for use etching technology
Thickness: t=0.0005-1.0mm

Stainless steel/Copper/Brass/Steel and special steel (SK/PK)/ special alloy

Applications for Electrical Part
Motor core /Tranceformer core/Purinter motor/Plate Heater

Applications for Electronic components
Magnetic Head core/Partial shield

Etching characteristics


1)Unnecessity DIE fee for mass product

Photo Etching does not require expensive DIE for product.

2)Quick Delivery

After 3days we can finish product
Wide variety of materials inventory


3)Burr-free &
Half thickness control

Burr do not occur by Etching product part.Photo Etching is can be control half thickness control.


SUBCON THAILAND 2024 Information

Date: 15-18 MAY 2024

Venue:BITEC (Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre)

≪ Stand: H21 ≫

​We look forward to seeing you at SUBCON THAILAND 2024 !



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Sample Photo


Sample Photo

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