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Sales of color label printer and compact office printer for increased efficiency

For short-run & various labels

Cost reduction / More efficient operation / Shorter Lead Time

by Color LED Label Printer Pro1050/1040

Point 1

Color on-demand printing

Point 2

More options of label media such as film and synthetic paper

Point 3

Water/alcohol/scratch resistant printing

BS5609 (section 3) certified

Point 4

High quality printing of small characters/micro lines at 1200 dpi


Label media may affect print quality and printer functionality, hence it is recommended that any label media be quality-checked and tested first.


British standard for durability in marine transportation




Business Advantage

Pro1050/1040 series are table-top sized, toner-based colour LED label printers. It's ideal for short-run printing of a range of different label media with sunlight/scratch/liquid resistance. Pro1050/1040 printer doesn't require exclusive papers but can print on a wide range of label media and save running cost with cheaper media. OKI Pro series provide high quality color labels on demand without the pre-printed label stock and will bring efficiency, short lead time, and cost reduction.

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Sample kit




Case Study

Case Study


Color Tag

Would you like to save time and increase efficiency for manual cutting and gluing paper?

By Pro1050/1040,

Auto cutting of label/paper Reduce man-hour

Reduce man-hour

On-demand print Reduce paper waste

Reduce paper waste

No exclusive paper, removable labels

Don't come off and remain glue


No exclusive paper, removable labels
Don't come off and remain glue.


By Pro1050/1040,





Sample kit



Latest Update 01 Feb 2023