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Techniques Surfaces (Thailand) Ltd.
Nitriding Surface Treatment and PVD Coating services

Providing world-class and history-proven surface improvement technologies

TS Thailand is the BOI-Promoted member of the HEF Group, a world leader in Surface improvement technologies based in France, Andrezieux.

We aim to support our customers in Thailand or in South East Asia to benefit from the HEF Group technology and experience, to improve their system, or solve their issues.

What is the HEF Group?
HEF group has an origin with Tribology Reserch Institute in Lyon of France since 1953. In order to resolve the issues (wear, friction problems, low friction, light weight, compactification) concerning customers' mechanical parts damage and machine efficiency improvement, we constantly develop new technology on the surface and continue to lead innovation of mechanical engineering worldwide. Currently we have 62 factories in 21 countries around the world, including contracted research business and supplying various surface-improved services. In the manufacturing industry, the surface treatment of HEF such as 'TUFFTRIDE' treatment, 'low temperature DLC' treatment, electromagnetic shielding coating 'PROCEM' treatment are widely adopted by the manufacturing companies around the world.



Great wear resistance, seizure resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, less deformation after surface treatment.

Various processes are prepared according to performance required.

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Various DLC / PVD low temperature coating with great wear resistance and seizure resistance PROCEM coating to take EMC countermeasure on plastic parts

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Latest Update 13 Jun 2018
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